Finding a Dog Breeder

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Finding a nearby dog breeder

I cannot find a Breeder nearby.

If there are no dog breeders near your home, either in our "Breeders Section" or in our "Dogs for sale" Classified Section, then go back to the dog breed page on and then click on the "USA Club & Rescue" button or the Cdn. Club & Rescue button which will take you to those respective national breed club listings.   Get in touch with them.   They should be able to give you the names of dog breeders near you.   Remember, any breeder is as close as your nearest airport.

Be patient, getting a good, well bred puppy with a signed, written guarantee and seeing the terms in advance of the purchase and delivery, is very important. While you wait to get your new puppy, your next step should be to get a book about raising and training a puppy.   Check out our puppy training books for a great selection.   Most of them are discounted.
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