I want to Rescue an Irish Terrier

Please Note
This is NOT an application form to rescue an Irish Terrier.
We need to have some detailed information about you and your experience with dogs.
This is merely a qualifying procedure.  An application may follow later.

Rescue dogs need homes which provide a safe environment for their adjustment.
Children, cats and yards that are not fenced may not provide the best situation for a successful rescue.
That is why we do not place them in these homes unless we know the dogs came from a similar
environment and it was successful for that dog.   Unfortunately, that
background information is not always available to us.

Most of the dogs needing new homes, love and attention, are mature dogs,
often 7 years and up.  Irish Terriers, it should be noted, are a very healthy breed
and remain full of vim and vigor, often well past the age of 13.

Please note that we appreciate you sending the information,
and although we try to respond to all, sometimes it is not always possible.

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