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Title: Wirehaired Fox Terrier information
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Wire Fox Terrier - On His Tiptoes - He's Ready!

Wire Fox Terrier picture Terriers have been known in Britain since the 15th century. This was the birthplace of the Fox Terrier. They were described as a small, well-built and willing dog, noted for going to ground, that is chasing their quarry right into its burrow. They were used for hunting foxes when Fox hunting became popular in the 18th century. Since it was the job of the Foxhounds to chase the fox to its lair, it was the Fox Terrier's work to go underground and kill the fox. For that reason, most of the terriers were bred in hunting kennels, and were developed as per the hunt master's inclination. Early on, wisdom dictated that terriers with lots of white coloring was vital so that the hounds could recognize that these small terrier dogs were not the quarry and not to be harassed. Breeding records were not kept until after the start of conformation dog shows, in the 1860s.
Dog Height:  Maximum 15 in (38 cm) at withers.
Bitch Height:  Proportionately lower.
Dog Weight:  18 lb. (8.2 kg).
Bitch Weight:  About 2 lb. (0.9 kg) less.
Affection:  Very Affectionate.
Trainability:  Very high.
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Life Expectancy:  10 - 13 years.
The Smooth Fox Terrier was the first variety to win popularity at the shows. It is believed that this variety was a product of breeding the white English terrier, now extinct, with the smooth coated black and tan terriers, perhaps some Greyhound and Beagle blood too. It is probable that this Smooth Fox Terrier was then crossed with the rough coated Black and Tan Terrier of that era. Paintings exist from the mid 18th century, of fox terriers in both coats. Smooth Fox Terriers preceded the Wire variety in conformation shows, by 15 to 20 years. Breeders for decades interbred the two varieties, but the practice has not been permitted for many years. Following the first written breed standard, drafted by the Fox Terrier Club of Britain, both varieties were granted separate classification. This breed standard was adopted by the American Fox Terrier Club founded in 1885, and has been changed only a few times since. The Fox Terrier was among the first breeds to be recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). It was 1985, a 100 years following the foundation of the American Fox Terrier Club (1885), that the AKC acknowledged and divided the varieties into two separate breeds.
The Wire Fox Terrier, as the title above suggests, is always on his tiptoes and ready for action. The expression is keen, the body alert and eager. It has an intelligent appearance, and looks, in this case, are most certainly not deceiving. It is a high energy dog and requires lots of exercise and play time. It does best as an inside dog, spending the night where it can be close to its human family. If left outdoors too long, it would become bored and likely dig and bark a lot for attention. It is a very affectionate and friendly breed, and fond of children, although reserved with strangers. They are blessed with very acute hearing and as a consequence, are very capable watchdogs. They are usually feisty with other dogs, especially of the same sex, and small pets, such as rodents are always at extreme risk. A Wire Fox Terrier puppy learns quickly and is a good candidate for obedience training and for other events such as agility. Grooming a Wire Haired Fox Terrier for conformation shows is intense. A lot of stripping and time is required to get it ready and a moderate 20 to 30 minutes of upkeep each week, to maintain a show coat. Pet owners can certainly learn to do this stripping, and the dogs enjoy the attention, but most owners opt for clipping at the local pet grooming shop. Since clipping cuts off the outer ends of the hair, the very segment with most of the thickness, coloring, impermeability and wiriness, the coat will be left thinner, duller and softer. They still look very nice to most eyes, and it is the easiest route to take. A Wire Fox Terrier puppy will make an excellent family addition for those who appreciate terrier temperament.
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