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The Kuvasz Dog
Among the Oldest Breeds.

The Kuvasz (plural Kuvaszok) is one of the oldest
breeds whose exact origin is unknown, but whose roots,
conjecture has it, could possibly trace way back as far as
7000 years.   Whatever the origin was, Kuvaszok have been
known in Hungary since at least 1342.   Kuvaszok were a
favorite among the nobility for protection from the peasants.
King Matthias (1458-1490) kept them as guard dogs in his
palace and bred large packs of them for hunting.   Earlier
Kuvaszok were very much larger, taller and more
formidable than today's specimens.

The Hungarian Kuvasz is a working dog and very
sturdily built, white in color, without markings.   It has
a great affinity for the sheep it protects so diligently.   Its
double coat of medium coarse texture is its protection from
inclement weather conditions.   It is a very spirited dog of
sharp intelligence, courage, and curiosity, yet is sensitive
to praise or blame.  A Kuvasz puppy of course is adorable
and cuddly, but soon, like the adult Kuvaszok, being active,
need lots of space for their exercise.   They possess strong
instincts for protection and watchdog duties, and are aloof,
and wary of strangers, but polite to accepted strangers.
Daily grooming helps control the shedding.
The Kuvasz is a big dog breed.
Kuvasz picture

Dog:  28 - 30 in. (71 - 76 cm) at the withers.    
Dog Weight:  100 - 115 lb. (45 - 52 kg).           
Bitch:  26 - 28 in. (66 - 71 cm) at withers.        
Bitch Weight:  70 - 90 lb. (32 - 41 kg).             
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                           
Protection:  Excellent.                                          
Other Name:  Hungarian Kuvasz.                      
Life Expectancy:  9 - 12 years.                            

Want information on this big dog breed, the Kuvasz, and breeders who have a Kuvasz puppy for sale?  See the Kuvasz breeders.  If there are no nearby Kuvasz breeders, see Canadian Kuvasz dog club, Kuvasz rescue or the American Kuvasz dog club, Kuvasz rescue to get advice on other nearby dog breeders with Kuvasz puppies.
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