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Bullmastiff dogs, Bullmastiff puppies and Bullmastiff breeders.
Bullmastiff Dog
The Gamekeeper's Nightdog

The Bullmastiff dog was created in the last half of
the 18th Century to assist gamekeepers in thwarting
poachers.   The gentle giant, brave and protective Mastiff
was crossed with the large fierce Bulldog of those days.   It
was just what the gamekeepers needed.   The resulting dog,
then called the "Game Keepers Nightdog," and later on,
the "Bullmastiff," inherited the best of both.   He was very
loyal and protective, powerful and quick on his feet, yet
silent in his approach.   He subdued the poachers by
his size and strength without harming them.

Today, the Bullmastiff is a family pet, a dependable
guard dog, very intelligent, courageous, bold and fearless.
Viciousness is never tolerated in the breed.   They are
often seen at dog shows, where they are grand.   A
Bullmastiff puppy, or a young adult would
profit from formal obedience training.

Dog:  25 - 27 in. (63 - 69 cm) at withers.    
Weight:  110 - 130 lb. (50 - 59 kg).            
Bitch:  24 - 26 in. (61 - 66 cm) at withers.
Weight:  100 - 120 lb. (45 - 55 kg).            
With Other Pets:  Very Good.                    
With Other Dogs:  Not Good.                     
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                 
Protection:  Excellent.                                
Life Expectancy:  8 - 10 years.                 

Want info on this big dog breed, Bullmastiff information, and dog breeders who have a Bullmastiff puppy? See Bullmastiff breeders section.   If no nearby dog breeders, go to the Canadian Club, Bullmastiff rescue or the American Club, Bullmastiff rescue to find someone who can advise you of other nearby Bullmastiff breeders.
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