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Whippet picture
The Whippet
A Descendant of Ancient Greyhounds

Whippets were created in England in the 19th
century, from the descendants of hounds brought at the time
of the Roman invasions, about 55 B.C.  It was developed for
track racing, and catching rabbits at which it really excels.
Nicknamed by colliers, "The poor man's race horse," the
Whippet is thought to be the world's fastest domesticated
animal for its weight, attaining speeds of 35 mph.

Whippets are quiet, dignified, affectionate, and amiable
dogs.  It is highly intelligent, aloof with strangers, and an
excellent watchdog.  These hardy mid-sized sighthounds
are popular pets, easy keepers, requiring some daily
outdoor exercise and occasional gentle brushing.
For a great companion for the whole family,
consider a Whippet puppy.

Dog: 19 - 22 in. (48 - 56 cm) at top of withers.   
Bitch: 18 - 21 in. (46 - 53 cm) at top of withers.
Weight:  20 - 40 lb. (9.1 - 18.2 kg).                     
Very friendly with other dogs and pets.             
Watchdog:  Very good.                                         
Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.                         

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