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The Scottish Deerhound
The Royal Dog of Scotland

The Scottish Deerhound was once known as the
"Royal Dog of Scotland".  The laws of those early days
prohibited the ownership of Deerhounds for people under
the rank of earl.  This law was, without doubt, to preserve the
sport of "deer driving" for the nobility.  This aristocratic dog
breed was known by many names, some of which include, the
"Scotch Greyhound", also the "Highland Greyhound, and the
"Highland Deerhound".  These names offer us an insight to
the breed's origins.  The advent of modern firearms, and the
demise of the clan system, in 1745, depleted their numbers
seriously until the early 19th century.  Lord Colonsay, a fancier took up their cause and effected a deerstalking revival.  Queen Victoria became a patron and the well
known Sir Walter Scott described his Deerhound
as "a most perfect creature of heaven."
Thereafter their numbers grew.

As a companion and family dog, the Scottish Deerhound
is ideal.  It is friendly with children, very loyal and bonds to
the whole family.  Deerhounds thrive best when kept indoors
with their owners.  Although very large, they are always calm
and composed, not aggressive, but courageous when needed.
Their harsh wiry coat sheds a bit and needs grooming about
once a week.  They require lots of daily exercise.  They
are too amicable to be considered good watchdogs.
Scottish Deerhound, dog picture.

A Scottish Deerhound

      Dog - Height at withers:  30 - 32+ in. (76 - 81+ cm)
      Dog - Weight:  85 - 110 lb. (38.6 - 50 kg)
      Bitch - Height at withers:  28+ in. (71+ cm)
      Bitch - Weight:  75 - 95 lb. (34 - 43 kg)
      Symmetry without coarseness is important.
      Life Expectancy:  8 - 11 years.

Want info on this large dog breed, the Scottish Deerhound, and breeders who have a Scottish Deerhound puppy for sale?  See Scottish Deerhound breeders.  If no nearby dog breeders, see the Cdn Deerhound club, Scottish Deerhound rescue or US Deerhound club, Scottish Deerhound rescue to get advice on other breeders.
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