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The Afghan Dog
So Obviously, An Aristocrat.

The coat of the Afghan dog evolved as a result of very
harsh climatic conditions of his mountainous native land,
Afghanistan.   There he was used for many different duties,
including guarding, herding, and especially hunting small
game with the nobility and their Falcons.   Afghans, members
of the sighthounds hunt by sight rather than by smell.   The
Afghan's whole appearance is one of dignity and aloofness
with no trace of plainness or coarseness.

Certainly, a show dog, but more, they are cherished by their
owners as companions and family.  With its highly individual
personality and with its coat which requires regular care and
grooming, the Afghan is not for all dog fanciers, but where
the dog and owner combination is right, there is no animal
which can equal the Afghan Hound as a family pet.
Note: Afghans are sensitive to anesthesia.

Dogs:  27 in. +/- 1 in. (66 - 71 cm) 
Weight:  About 60 lb. (27.3kg).     
Bitch:  25 in. +/- 1 in. (61 - 66 cm)
Weight:  About 50 lb. (22.7kg).    
Watchdog:  Very good.                  
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.   

Want info on this large dog breed, the Afghan dog and breeders who have an Afghan Hound puppy for sale?  See the Afghan Hound breeders.   If no nearby dog breeders, see the Cdn. Afghan dog club, Afghan Hound rescue or the US. Afghan dog club, Afghan rescue to get advice on other nearby Afghan Hound breeders.
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