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Cdn flag has not asked for testimonials, but some of our customers have sent compliments anyway, some more than once.  Here are a few of them.

"As an update to our last correspondence, I want to share with you that the DOGBIZ.COM WHIPPET BREEDERS AD is directly responsible for assisting us to sell 23 WHIPPET PUPPIES - either from our breeding or from other breeders who have had puppies for sale or for placement.  We also have received numerous calls from individuals that have seen the Wishmaker's Whippets ad on
Now if this is not an excellent return for a few dollars spent - I don't know what is.

Keep up the Great Work!!!  If you ever wish to use our name as a testimonial for and its excellent service that gets results for breeders just let us know as I am sure we will be more than happy to assist." - Don Winfield

"Dave, Thanks again for your fine cooperation and excellent service. I have sold six out of nine of my pups from the ads. I have told other breeders how effective and fair your ads are. Again, thanks so much."
E.A.  Neptune Chessies

"Just to let you know I received many inquiries from my ad placed with you! Two puppies are sold for sure and 3 more possible! There were a couple more who inquired but we either didn't have what they were looking for or my price was a little more than they wanted to spend. To tell the truth I was shocked at all the email I received from just a simple little ad! Any time you would like to use me as a reference for your site, you may!
Thanks again."  Kristi Jacobs - Pembroke Corgis

"We have a breeders ad that we just renewed but need to make 1 change on. The current ad reads: "Our 10th year being owned by basenjis". We need to change that to either "Our 11th year......." OR "Over 10 years......" whichever you feel would be best. We are very happy with your service and have had many, many inquiries from our ad. Thank you.
Sincerely,  A. & R. - Farouk Basenjis"

"Your site is WONDERFUL !! I feel that you offer the best value for my advertising dollar. I have had at least 100 enquiries since I started advertising with you . Thank you.
Marguerite" - (Shih Tzu)

"We have had very good success with using a classified ad to advertise our GSD puppies and have been able to be selective about the homes where they were placed. We have placed seven of the eight, in excellent homes. Feel free to use my comments regarding the success of the ad.
Debbie B." - German Shepherds

"Thanks and [again--same song same verse] we are always pleased with the results of our dogbiz ad. It generates the most results for the money (i.e., most "bang for the buck!).
F. D." - Beagles Copyright